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Ceramic tiles & Porcelain:
Arcana (Spain)

Since 1997, with a clear export orientation, Arcana honors the ancient arcanos, the only ones who know the formula for porcelain centuries ago.
It’s hard to imagine competitive organization in an unsuitable environment. Therefore, Arcana Ceramica has at its disposal a spacious and modern facilities to develop their activity, with the best international projection and the presence on the five continents.
Freshness, confidence, quality, strength and innovation are the corporate values for Arcana .

– Gamma Due 

The history of Gamma Due begins in 1977 with the birth of “Studio Gamma”, a small craft business of ceramic decoration third fire. Four people held manually the operations necessary for the decoration of the tiles. The following year changed its name to Gamma Due, and it has embarked on a massive development that, thanks to a continuous diversification of its activities, take it, in a few years, to be recognized as the world leader in ceramic decoration and industrial point of reference in the international design applied to ceramics.


-Atlas Concorde  (From Italy)


Atlas Concorde is a benchmark player in the entire ceramic tile industry and one of the most important and solid companies worldwide. Its mission is to provide interior designers, architects and the most demanding customers with ceramic solutions suitable for every destination of use, ensuring an aesthetic appeal that is in line with market needs and, at the same time, combine them with excellent technical performance. In its forty years of activity, Atlas Concorde has been synonymous with strength, ethics and reliability, with positive financial results since foundation and an annual turnover exceeding 200 million euros in 2013. A veritable reality that, every year, wins the confidence and trust of over 2,700 customers in more than 100 countries.


Founded in 1969, Atlas Concorde is the founder company of the Gruppo Concorde, the second largest ceramic tile group in Europe, with an annual turnover of 600 million euros and 2,200 employees*.
Since the very beginning, Atlas Concorde has proactively contributed to the evolution of ceramic tiles, introducing technological and aesthetic innovations that have become a point of reference for the entire ceramic industry.*data relevant to the year 2013.


The driving force behind the success of Atlas Concorde are the people: more than 500 employees and 100 agents and promoters, working everyday with professionalism, passion and dedication. 
Respect for the effort our staff put into their work is one of the cornerstones at Atlas Concorde, in fact, the company pays particular attention to the working conditions of its staff and puts its personnel through a process of continual personal development, coaching and training, always on the look-out for new talents. That is why the turnover of personnel is reduced to a minimum, one of the lowest in the sector.


Atlas Concorde is a company founded on fi rm principles, a company that identifi es with the values expressed in the ethical code of Confi ndustria Ceramica and in the Made in Italy and Ceramics of Italy quality marks, the guarantee of transparency, quality and Italian style. Those who choose Atlas Concorde have the guarantee to purchase ceramic tiles produced in safe working environments, manufactured using carefully selected raw materials fi nished with the Italian expertise and know-how that is renowned across the world. 

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